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Compliance and ethics

Ensuring ethical and sustainable development

Taysha is committed to the highest ethical standards across the entire business, it is at honesty and integrity is as the core of our work. 

We seek to go above and beyond the standard terms and conditions to ensure that donors, our clients and beneficiaries receive not just value-for-money, but sustainable outcomes. 


Taysha works in an open and transparent manner and whislteblowing is an important mechanism for Taysha employees and representatives to voice concerns about illegal and unethical practices in an effective and appropriate manner. 

Concerns can be raised with the Director on

More details on how to raise a concern and the protection provided to those who speak-out can be found in the Whistleblowing Policy. 

Download the Whistleblowing Policy

Other policies

Download our Modern Slavery Statement

Download our Child Protection Policy

Download our Environmental Policy

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