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Taysha delivers integrated social and behaviour change (SBC) programmes in the international development, security and humanitarian context. We focus on creating lasting impact by building local ownership through collaboration 

Our teams always combine international experience with local knowledge. Taysha Teams work with technical experts, local teams, stakeholders, partners and our clients to produce evidence-based, practical and implementable interventions with sustainable results. 

Pronounced TAY-sha, it means friend, partner, and ally in the Caddo language.

Taysha isn't just a name. It defines our work.

Social & behaviour change is a discipline.

We are SBC technical specialists going beyond slick campaigns and focus group discussions. We use academically rigorous SBC methodologies to produce participatory interventions that create dialogue and real sustainable change at all levels of society.

Our evidence-based approaches and feedback loops produce measurable results and flexible programming. This ability to listen and react to those directly affected increases the overall impact of our programmes.

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